Real Wealth - Know Your Numbers

Launched by Gold Coast Accountant and Wealth Coach, David Orth, Real Wealth helps business owners and executives build better businesses, by helping them Know and understand their numbers.

You cannot tell who is winning the game if you cannot read the scoreboard. 

You cannot tell if what you are doing is working if you do not know your numbers.

Do not be fooled by '4 hour work week' books. Anyone that says business is easy is either stupid or trying to sell you something. It's hard work.

Every industry, every sport, every, team has a language. The Language of business is accounting. You have to know your numbers, it's as simple as that. 

Learn what to track, Learn how to track it, Learn what changes are needed to make massive growth.

I like quotes. A person who I quote all the time is Keith Cunningham. The man is a genius. He taught me, that too often we are trying to "pimp" our website, our facebook ads, our slides and presentations when that isn't even the problem. How do you know that is the problem if you aren't tracking anything? You might as well be playing pin the tail on the donkey. 

If you need a glossy website, fancy slick sales pitches and popups to convince you to do business with me, then I am not your guy. Move on to someone else and come back to me, when you are still chasing your tale and trying to figure out wh your latest website isn't converting. 

If you want to learn, track and measure your numbers, find the key areas of your business to find the easy dollars you are missing then contact me. I am a Gold Coast Based Accountant, with a healthy OCD obsession with numbers. Contact us today.